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Artist-Tees.com Contract DTG Pricing  July 2022


Artist-Tees.com specializes in contract DTG for a wide range of customers…whether you have a few small orders each month, or dozens, even hundreds, of orders every day.    


There are two ways we operate.    


Self Service


Email sales@artist-tees.com and let us know that you are looking for contract print and fulfillment.  We will set up an account on our design site, https://design.artist-tees.com, with a special contract/wholesale rate that is roughly 25% less than retail.   


You will login there, and use the online designer and products to setup orders.   For dropshipping, you simply put the customer’s name and address as the ship to, choose the shipping options you want, and checkout.   All new customers will be expected to prepay orders with a credit card (or any one of a number of other options other than PayPal).    We will take care of the rest.  Every separate ship-to customer is a separate order.    There are no extra fees, artwork charges, service charges, etc.   What you see is what you pay.    


Full Service – Higher volume, Client order management systems, etc.



These prices do NOT include the cost of the garment.   Garments purchased by Artist-Tees are billed at cost plus 20%.   If there are shipping costs incurred from the supplier, those are also billed, prorated based on the value of the merchandise ordered for the client relative to other items on the order, if any. 


Anything ‘extra’ that is ordered on behalf of the client may be kept in inventory for that client.  Artist-Tees reserves the right to purchase any overstock from the client.   


Client may also have product drop-shipped to Artist-Tees.   There is a check-in fee of $0.50 per item.   Misprints and mistakes will happen, due to machine or human error.  The client is responsible for replacement of any misprinted blanks.  


If Drop shipping product, specify UPS or USPS Shipping.  Please do NOT use Fedex Ground or Fedex Home Delivery shipping whenever possible.  This is especially important for orders from S&S Activewear as they typically use Fedex Ground by default.  You can speak with S&S customer service and they will set your account to use UPS only.  Please forward all shipping confirmations to sales@artist-tees.com.


UPS typically delivers by 1:00 PM.  Fedex Ground or Home Delivery typically delivers late in the day, often after 5:00 PM.



DTG Printing Charges

CMYK = Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black.  For White or very light colored shirts.  No white ink is used.

CMYK+W = CMYK + White Ink.  For Black and Darker colored shirts, White ink is used as underbase and as a color.


Base Prices (T-Shirts)

CMYK Only – $3.50 per impression up to 12×14.        +$0.50 for larger or heavy ink usage

CMYK+W – $6.50 per impression up to 12×14.     +$1.00 for larger and/or heavy ink usage

CMYK+W – $5.00 for SECOND impression up to 4×5 (i.e. Left Chest)



CMYK  Add $1.00 per impression

CMYK+W  Add $2.00 per impression


Other items:

Onesies:   Add $1.00 per impression

Tote Bags:  Depends on the tote, up to $2.00 additional per impression.  (Economy totes typically no extra charge)

Pillow covers:  Up to $2.00 additional per impression.  




T-Shirts are typically packed and mailed in white poly mailers or USPS provided Priority Mail Boxes or envelopes using the First-Class Package or Priority Mail rate, whichever is least expensive.   Tracking is always provided.    Larger orders can ship via UPS (Ground or Air).    


USPS pickup is approximately 10:00 AM every day.  

UPS pickup is 5:00 PM every day.


Postage/shipping is billed at cost plus 15%.   Customer Provided labels and postage $0.50 per label handling charge.


Fulfillment:  $1.00 for the first item, $0.50 for each of the next 5 items, $0.25 for each additional item over 6.   Includes packaging materials.


Additional services, typical charges:

Attach single hang-tag to garment, $0.50

Retail Quality precision fold and bag in clear sealed poly bag, T-Shirts:  $1.25

Apply customer provided heat-transfer neck tag, $0.75










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